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Earn 10% per week

For Traders - not everyone will learn how to trade on their own successfully - joining FX programs that "rely" on their own individual trading success. Cash FX (or CFX) is an automated "Copy Trading" Platform that takes away the roller coaster ride.
For Team Builders - not everyone can refer others enough to make money - joining affiliate programs that are based on selling or sponsoring.
Many programs require a Monthly Fee - so for someone who doesn't move forward right away in a program with a monthly fee, will feel pressure to "trade profitably" or "sponsor others" due to the monthly fee.
Wouldn't you like to join a program where everybody wins, and there's no monthly fee?
Our CFX was up 25% after 4 weeks through the ups and downturns of the market, earning 1-2% every single day without any losses..and you can do it too!  Your money will DOUBLE approximately every 2 - 3 months, earning approx 5 - 15% each week in a sustainable comp plan..on AUTOPILOT! 


* Watch And Review All The Information
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First, Start By Watching The Cash FX Presentation That Was Recorded Live.
Here You Will Get A Great Understanding Of How Cash FX Works And How You Can Generate REAL PASSIVE INCOME.

Second, Watch The Transparency Interview With Cash FX Owner Huascar Lopez.
An Excellent Discussion With The Founder And CEO.

Third, Watch The Cash FX Launch Event. This Event Is How It All Started In Late 2019.

Fourth, Download The Language-Specific Compensation Plan.
Click On The Appropriate Flag Near The Bottom Of The Cash FX Presentation Page And Dig Deeper Into The Great Opportunity That's In Front Of You.

 - No Selling
 - No Sponsoring
 - No Monthly Fees
 - Powerful, Passive, & Predictable

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Click on the (YES! LET ME IN NOW!) button near the bottom of the Cash FX Presentation Page.

After clicking the button, you'll be taken to a new page. Go to the upper right hand corner of the screen and click on REGISTER.

When you click on REGISTER, a new pop-up box will open.
Fill out the corresponding information: First Name, Last Name, Username, Email, and Password.

You're all done! You now have an account with our Cash FX Team!

CFX does not rely on your own individual successful trading to make money. Successful "Copy Trading" will be "extra income" for you...you'll earn passive income every day while CFX teaches you how to trade successfully - if you want to learn!!

CFX trades your investment for you with AI while you learn.. with 85 - 90% success rate on FX trades in the "Trading Pool".. then pays out your earnings to you each week, every Saturday @ 11am CST like clockwork!!

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 Cash Forex Group  Panama Corporate Office



     William & Nicole (RFS Group)
    "Online Success Methods"


We feel comfortable sharing CFX with everybody because the company is transparent about everything.  For anyone who wants to invest, you'll be in control of your funds. We make it easy to get involved by Watching 3 videos, and then scrolling down to the bottom of the Presentation Page to complete the easy signup - it's that easy!!

With over 1,300 members in our Private Facebook group testifying that it works, CFX began by building a 10,000 Square Ft central office space in Panama City from the ground up (Mar2019) before launching (Nov2019).  Everything is in place for CFX to go long-term & new money is not needed for it to be sustainable. You'll see that this is different!!

The CFX portal allows you to see every trade happening LIVE every single day through the "Copy Trading" system...it's easy money...it is safe...and it's only going to get better!!


See the Videos..if you have any questions, Call or Text @ 832-379-2329 for a fast response.


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